VESA Test 2

This is a demonstration of how to utilize the 640x480x256 color SVGA mode by means of VESA device driver calls.

Animal Land

Grades 3 - 8. Teaches some map reading skills.

Colouring Book

A colouring book, need I say more! Use the arrow keys to move the cursor and press enter to colour!

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Navigate out of maze and make sure Freddy doesn't get you!


Emily is an 8051/8052 simulator/emulator from Dunfield Development Systems

Test Add

This program is for teachers adding up the scores on a multi-page test


A classical text based adventure game!

Bar Guide

THE HOME-BARTENDERS GUIDE will tell you how to mix and serve many popular highball and cocktail drinks served in the finest nightclubs and lounges.


Rain-Man is a basic hangman like game. The object of the game is to guess the letters of the word before the "flood".

Mandelbrot Zoomer

Generates a mandelbrot and zooms through it infinitesimally.


Billy is not a real person, even though I constantly refer to Billy as a he, rather than an it. Billy is an artificial intelligence program.

Firing Snake

Very simple game, use the arrow keys to control the red snake. Pressing Up, Down, Left or Right will make the snake go in that direction.